St. John the Baptist, Wadworth, 
St. Katherine's, Loversall 

St. John the Evangelist, Balby

The loss of a loved one involves lots of paper work, legal and funeral arrangements, all these things are at a time when we probably feel least able to cope with major decisions; for that reason we aim to work closely with the bereaved family and the undertaker in order that the funeral service can be a help and a special occasion rather than just a necessary functional event.

St. John the Baptist, Wadworth, St. Katherine’s, Loversall and St. John the Evangelist, Balby all have graveyards which still have spaces for new burials as well as burials in existing “family” graves.  They also both have areas where ashes can be buried following cremation. The services will be conducted by either Revd Alun Price,  Jane Price or Russell Eastham

In order to have a burial at either of these churches it is usual that the person who has died lived within the Parish or has family connections with the Parish, if neither is the case this does not mean that they would not be able to be buried there but discussions should be had with Revd Alun Price.

Can we still have a Church service if we are wanting a cremation?

Some people, whilst wanting to be cremated would still like a service in church, this is quite okay and is easily arranged with the minister and the undertaker, the service takes place in church as usual and then the mourners, on some occasions just the immediate family, go to the crematorium of choice for the very short committal service.  

Can we add personal elements to the service?

The days are gone, thankfully , when you would get what you were given for a funeral service… the minister, and the undertaker will work closely with the family to make the service tailored to the needs of the individual .  The main reasons for a funeral are of course to decently handle the body of the deceased person and to ensure that the human remains are disposed of tastefully and with dignity.  If the funeral is part of a religious ceremony then it is to provide appropriate prayers and words which give thanks to God for the life of the person who has died, to commend them to Gods keeping, and to pray for strength and comfort for those who are left behind.  It is also a time to speak of the person who has died, not only to remember the sad fact that they have died, but also to remember the good times when they were alive….yes it is okay to laugh at funerals as well as cry!

What does the service involve?

The service will follow a very simple form and within it can be various hymns to be sung, poems and or music to be listened to.  The minister will say something about the life of the person who has died or members of the family may wish to say a few words, if they feel unable to speak publicly they may want to write something for the minister to say.

How long is a funeral service?

The funeral service can be as short and simple or as long and extravagant as is desired by the family but please bear in mind that if you think the service may be quite a long one, the undertaker and the minister need to know so that the crematorium times can be arranged accurately in the case of a cremation; or if it is a burial the church yard staff will need to know.

Can we choose our own music/hymns?

Music is usually played on entering and leaving the church or the crematorium, this can be played on the organ in church (also in some crematoria) or recorded music can be used, this can be religious or popular music, all that will be required (usually) is that the music is decent and does not contain foul language!  There is in fact a “Top Ten” chart of popular pop songs that are played at funerals.

Is there any additional support?

It cannot be stressed too much that the funeral is not for the benefit of the undertaker and the minister, it is for the deceased person and their family and friends. At Wadworth, Loversall & Balby we also have a Pastoral Worker who is involved in visiting families, if possible before the funeral or perhaps after, members of the church are also willing to visit if requested at other times, either for a chat or prayer.  

Is there an annual memorial service?

Yes, each year there is a memorial service where families who have had a bereavement during the last year are invited for an evening service where time is spent in prayer and quiet with a chance to remember the person who has died, these services are usually found to be very helpful.  They are held usually in October and alternate between St John’s, Wadworth and St John's, Balby.  You will be contacted nearer the time to let you know the details.     

Information on Churchyards    

Cemeteries and Churchyards are different in both legal and religious ways. There are a number of restrictions based on what can be done to mark the remembrance of a loved one in a Churchyard but not in a cemetery. So please note the following:

  • All headstones MUST be approved before hand by the vicar.
  • The type of headstone allowed and the inscriptions that can be used are limited. 
  • The specific regulations governing the churchyards are outlined in a separate pamphlet.
  • The churchyard is part of God’s Acre
  • The plot remains the property of the church
  • Ancestor worship is not allowed
  • The churchyard is a Christian place of burial
  • The churchyard is a reflection of the faith of the church
  • The churchyard should be a lawned area                            

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