Monday, May 29, 2017

God of Surprises

I write this in the week after Easter, the day a General Election has been called. Why this comes as a surprise I don’t know - patently obvious thing to do in my view. Politicians are a fairly predictable bunch - usually risk adverse and full of self interest. 
God however is the opposite, as Christians we should be living a risky life focused on others. Easter week is always unpredictable and this year did not disappoint. 
Even before Lent, God was on the move! I arrived at Balby church on Transfiguration Sunday to find a table trolley at the front of church, left there after the final table was put into use during the week. (Some churches measure growth by the number attending, we measure growth by the number of tables in use and the number of clothes racks we need)     For whatever reason the trolley didn't get moved so the service started with the trolley “in the way”. While preaching I was inspired to announce that during Lent we would transfigure this ordinary trolley into something special. I have to say the call to action was superbly answered, especially by the Thursday Craft and games group. 
On Plan Sunday the trolley went on its maiden voyage around Balby churchyard as part of the Palm Sunday parade. We decided to use the trolley for prayers at the Lych Gate in Balby. On Easter Saturday we rolled the trolley out to the Lych Gate at 6pm. We gave out easter eggs and wished people Happy Easter. We received a very warm and friendly response from most people. We offered prayers to anyone you wanted to receive. We posted what we did on Facebook and it was widely shared with over 1500 people seeing the post. This is the highest number for any our Facebook  posts.
I found myself surprised by God by all the above and that the  response was so positive - so we will be doing it again during the week before Pentecost - God seems to be opening a door and we need to push in. I’ve chosen the time between Ascension and Pentecost as this period is also the focus of a national initiative on pray launched by our Archbishops. I hope you can join us.
Friday 26th May 6pm
Tuesday 30th May 12-1
Wednesday 31st May 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Friday 2nd June 4pm - 5pm
As noted last month there are two Saturday morning dates when we making items for our celebration of Pentecost on Wadworth Gala Sunday - 10 am Sunday 4th June.So come and join us for two special craft mornings on 
Saturdays the 13th and 20th May 10am-12md. 
We need volunteers to help on the mornings and we need to know roughly how many will be coming so it would be great if you could tell us you were coming either on Facebook or by emailing or texting 07958685393. Contact details are at the end of the article. As it is the birthday of the start of the worldwide church we are going to decorate church with a theme of Red and Yellow. We are going to make some of the decorations and some of the items we will need as part of the special service.
The Apostles were certainly surprised by the events of Pentecost and we need to remember that we do not have a God of Boring but a God of Surprises. Come and be surprised by Godm come and join us.


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