Monday, May 29, 2017

Following the story.....

Some of you will remember the E100 series we did a few years ago when people were invited to read through a 100 key passages from the bible over a few months. Those who took part said how they could now see the whole story of the bible and this deepened their faith. 

The readings we use each week in church have been chosen by a group of experts from across the different christian denominations. During the period called “Ordinary Time”, the part of the year from Trinity to Advent, there is an option to use a reading from the old testament which, over a three year period, covers every main character and event found in the old testament. 

Given the feedback from E100, and that we begin the three year cycle of reading this year, we are going to commit to following the story of God’s people over the next three years. We start on June 11th with four weeks on Abraham.

Some of you were present when Nadine Parkinson from Tearfund came and spoke about becoming part of the connected church network. We will be discussing at June PCC about signing up and connecting with the Kigezi Diocese in Uganda and helping with their project to bring clean water to communities. The Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme was started in 1986 with the aim of providing clean drinking water for its local community within a walking distance of not more than 500 metres. 

The Kigezi Diocese Water and Sanitation Programme also provide health education to people encouraging them to improve their sanitation.  The aim is to improve the health of the community (specifically decrease incidences of water-borne diseases), reduce the time taken to collect water, and as a result provide more time for community members to work or to attend school.

We commit to helping by praying and raising money for the projects. We will also get regular updates and the chance to visit! We also act as advocates for the project and spread the word about Tearfund and their work. Make sure you make your views known to PCC members.

During the summer we hope to start having Wadworth Church open every Friday between 2-4pm. We will need volunteers to help, so have a word with John Curtis or Paul Spargo if you are interested in helping. Opening the church will give an opportunity for people who want to look at church or just sit in church. We hope to have information for people on different parts of the church.  We also hope to develop a “sensory trail” around church, to help people engage with their spirituality. 

At Wadworth Gala on 4th June, yours truly is giving a talk in church at 12:45 and 2:30pm on Wadworth church called “Stones, Bones and Loans”; come and have a listen. There will also be a display about some aspects of church. 

Later in the month we have the Garden Party in the churchyard on Saturday 24th at 2pm, please tell people about this at help raise important funds for church.

Its a busy month and i hope to see you


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