Saturday, April 1, 2017

Time to Pause

When Jesus was sat in the Garden of Gethsemane he had a moment to pause before the chaos of arrest, trial, torture and execution that follows. The disciples are so paused they fall asleep! Pauses in our life can be awkward times (as it was for Jesus now as he awaited the pain and humiliation ahead), they can also be great times, times of expectation, anticipation. 
As we approach the Garden of Gethsemane we must also find time to pause, so we can reflect what is about to happen. If you anything like me,  you will find holy week an intense time, the triumph of Palm Sunday followed by the unfolding of the week as Jesus walks to his date with the cross. Then there is the agony of holy Saturday as we again pause - perhaps the biggest pause in history - as Jesus lies in the tomb, dead, awaiting resurrection. Then the joy of Easter Sunday.
It is a week worth savouring and pausing life to find time to breath it all in and ponder what it means. It is a week in history that we all have to come to terms with, because it frames western society. So please try and make time during each night of holy week to join us (see elsewhere in the magazine for details), feel the drama unfold, you will grow spiritually, I promise.
April also sees the beginning of new initiatives in our youth work. You may remember the plan for the first year was for our Mission Partnership youth worker, Anabelle, to become familiar with he work already taking place in St Francis Bessacarr. A little earlier than planned we see stage two - which was to see the work at St Francis spread to the “Balby Road Corridor” commence. On Wednesday 5th April from 5-6:50pm we have the start of a fellowship group for 11-18 year olds - like our mid-week group for adults but tailored to the needs of teenagers. 
After Easter we see the start of a weekly youth club at St James on Thursday nights called JJs (St James and St Johns) - from 6 - 7:30pm. More details to follow.
We bearly get through Easter and this year, we need to consider Pentecost, perhaps earlier than we would normally, as Wadworth Gala is this year on Pentecost Sunday!
This is now the fifth year of the gala and we will be starting in church at 10am on Sunday 4th June. 
As it is the birthday of the worldwide church we are going to decorate church with a theme of Red and Yellow. We are going to make the decorations and the items we will need as part of this special service.
To prepare, come and join us at Wadworth Church for two special craft mornings on 
Saturdays the 13th and 20th May 10am - 12md
Drinks and biscuits provided while we make some banners, windmills, flames, hats, learn some songs and prepare a little dance! Something for all ages! If the vicar can work out how to do it - we will even make some Pentecost biscuits! Children must bring an adult. 
While we are on the subject of the Gala - we need help with he general running of the Gala - so if you can volunteer to help set up or supervise an activity on the day that would be great.
Talking about volunteers I’ve had enquiries about starting a singing group for children in church - is there interest in this? Can you help? I’ve also had an enquiry about running a needle craft and cups group. The idea would be to do knitting or sowing or crocheting etc with a drinks, biscuits and a chat. Are people interested? We may have some pilot groups starting soon on these ideas but it would useful to know if people were interested, so please ring vicarage 01302851974 and leave a message expressing your interest.
All the above need us to pause - pause to volunteer, pause to help, pause to go and have fun, pause and reflect. Singing groups, kneedle and cupa, craft mornings all are good pause moments but they dont get us closer to the meaning of life, only the pause of holy week can do help us with the big questions. So this Holy Week come and pause with me in church, it could change your life.