Friday, May 27, 2016

A very busy June............

There will be mounting excitement as you read this for the Wadworth Village  Gala on 5 June. The day begins with a  church service at 10 o'clock and will be in commemoration of the Queens 90th birthday please come along to give honour to her majesty.   we are encouraging people and children to come dressed as one of the decades in the Queens life. So that means you could come dressed in platforms from the 70s, something psychedelic from the 60s,  or in a military uniform from the 40s or something from the roaring 20s. There will be a prize for the best person dressed representing a decade decade after the church service. The service will be for all ages with something for everyone. 

After the service the gala will get underway over on the memorial field. Something new this year with that that will be a talk from Sue Clifton on the history of Wadworth  and that will take place in church at 12:15 and 3pm and also we have the author Gervais Finn talking in church from 2 PM.  There is also a poetry competition for children at Wadworth school which will be judged by Gervais Finn. Entries will be displayed in church. We also hope to have some photographs in church showing Wadworth through the ages.

Once the gala has finished attention will swing towards the church garden party which takes place on  Saturday, 25 June at 2 PM in the church grounds.  Please come and support this venture which is taking place for many many years now. More details elsewhere in the magazine.

Also in June,  the third of our memorial  services take place, and this time it will be “Fathers and Memories”. Earlier in the year we had  “Carols and Memories” and “Mothers and Memories” This will be a time  to remember Fathers who are no longer with us and also for Fathers to remember children that they miss.  This service will take place at Saint Katherine's Loversall at 6pm 19th June. You do not need an invite so please come and join us if this will be of comfort or interest to you.

On 1 July this year all are welcome as we commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Battle of the Somme at 7:30pm in the evening at Wadworth church. Earlier at 7:29am in the morning we will be at the Memorial in Wadworth to blow whistles at 7:29am, followed by a short reflection. On 1 July 1916, Officers blew the whistle as a signal to the men to go over the top. 57,000 British servicemen lost their lives on the first day of the battle of the Somme.  Church will be open for the remainder of 1 July and through the day you are invited to come and join us reflect on what happened and through the day we will light 141 candles representing the 141 days that the battle lasted. 

Returning for a moment to Her majesty, in her Christmas message in 2000 she said the following:

“For me, the teachings of Christ and my own personal accountability before God provide 
a framework in which I try to live my life.” 
Queen Elizabeth II, December 25th, 2000

If you rejoice in the Queen and what she represents perhaps you too should think about how she lives her life and her majesty’s reliance on the teachings of Jesus Christ. The best why to learn is join us as often as possible at one of our services. There is a programme elsewhere in the magazine. We would love to see you.