Sunday, May 31, 2015

Prayer Chain

As I settle down to write an article for the June magazine, i find myself thinking about this week and last weeks readings about Jesus saying “I am the true vine” and then his new command “to love one another”. I find myself thinking what good idea the pray chain we used to have was, as it kept us all routed in each other and in Jesus even when we ere in our own homes. So what happened to the pray chain?? Well it sort of petered out didn’t it! As people on the chain moved away, the chain seems to get harder to maintain. So I think it is time to renew it and set a new one up. 

As before my darling wife, Jane will coordinate it. Some of you will be asking - what is a pray chain?? Well this is a very simple and very effective way of very quickly getting important information or  requests for prayer throughout the parish and beyond … it works like this:

A chart is drawn up with all the names of the people in this sort of format
The vicarage is the first place to be contacted
The “vicarage”  contacts 2 people (3 now praying)
Each of those people contact 2 others (7 now praying)
Each contact 2 others (15 now praying)
Each contact 2 others (31 now praying)
Each contact 2 others (63 now praying)

As you can see in a very short space of time each person has only made 2 phone calls, but 63 people could be praying… If you call a number and there is no answer, call the person on the link that the person would have called if they had been in (sounds complicated, but not when you see the real working chart with real names)  If the person is out but has an answer phone, leave a message so that they know what is happening, but go to the next on the list as well.

Please let Jane know if you would  like to be involved in this scheme…. It is a way in which we all, whatever age or physical ability, can be involved in looking after and praying for our brothers and sisters.  Prayer is vital when there is a crisis or ill health, it can support in a way that no other help can.  Jane always gives this great example of a pray chain in action -

“One example is one night Alun rang me to say that he had been involved in a shocking accident on the M! …one man was probably dead, our car was written off but Alun seemed to be o,k he did not know how long he would be, the police were looking after him!  What could I do????  NOTHING, I was at home with the children it was late at night in the winter …. SO…. I rang friends to pray…the feeling of comfort and support was amazing, yes the situation was still shocking and frightening, but to know that God had a hand in things was a great blessing. “

The situations needing prayer are not always as dramatic as that (thankfully)  but nevertheless important in their own right.

I would like the scheme to be up and running by summer so please as soon as you can let Jane know if you are going to take part.  You may feel you only want to do it for a few months, that is ok, your “link” can then be taken on by somebody else.


Sunday, May 10, 2015

And finally - the builders have started!

Today has been a momentous morning - after 7.5 years of planning, fund raising, a church building council visit, failed and successful faculty applications, lots of meetings a fair degree of angst, the builders are starting work on upgrading facilities and repairing some masonry. Hurray!!

So remember 9am Sunday morning worship will be at St Katherine’s Loversall while the work is taking place. The Wednesday service at St Katherine’s will not be taking place while Sunday morning worship takes place at St Katherine’s. As there is no running water available in the St Katherine’s church we apologise in advance that we cannot provided refreshments after the service. 

A £38,100 grant from WREN has provided just over a third of the funding for the project. WREN is a not-for-profit business that helps benefit the lives of people who live close to landfill sites by awarding grants for community, conservation and  heritage projects. You can follow their projects via twitter @WREN_news.

While the builders are in church, the monthly coffee and chat will be in Wadworth Village Hall on the third Saturday of the month. 

The delay in starting the work means that church is unlikely to be available for the service for the Wadworth Gala on the 7th June. So we planning to have the service outside on the cricket field. 

As you may know the theme of this years Gala is the bicentenary of the battle of Waterloo. We are asking all boys to dress in blue or wear an item of blue clothing and all girls to do the same with red. It would be great of parents joined in the theme and chose to wear the same colours - blue for the men, red for the women. Largely the Napoleon French wore blue and the coalition troops wore largely red. We hope banners for all the empires involved in the battle can also be made. Should make the day colourful! 

The building work has also meant the delay of the Church Garden Party to Saturday the 11th July at 2pm.

The facilities improvements are of course all part of the wider mission action plan for the parish. Regular readers will know that another part of the plan was to open a coffee shop on a Tuesday morning at Balby church. “Cups & Cakes” has started well and we would love to see you, there are no fixed charges, we only ask for donations.

Another strand of the mission action plan was to have an activity day for the elderly. However changes to the personal circumstances of those who were going to lead this project has meant it is unlikely to get underway soon. The situation will be reassessed latter in the year.

I am truly excited at the start of the facilities improvements at Wadworth Church and I am so looking forward to the project unfolding. Lets all pray it all goes to plan.