Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Work in our Church buildings

The wonderful news is that all the paper work is finally complete and we have a start date of the 13th April for the facility improvements in Wadworth Church. This means Sunday morning services will be at Loversall Church after the 12th April for the next fourteen weeks. 

We are thankful indeed for the generosity of everyone that has gathered the funds necessary for these works to take place. There has been the tireless efforts of those organising and running the fund raising events at church which the whole community has supported over the years. There have been some large donations from individuals and a grant from the land file organisation WREN. Then there was last summers fund raising around the village. All in all a magnificent effort.

Of course fund raising is not something unique to this generation. Recently in church we have been looking at chapters 8 and 9 of Pauls  second letter to the Corinthians. Paul is trying to raise funds for the famine stricken church in Jerusalem. A group of very poor churches in Macedonia have given a wonderful amount of money towards the case. the more affluent church in corinth have promised much but delivered little. Paul is writing to remind them of the basis for christian giving. 

Paul tells us of the wonderful grace and blessing of God upon us  - God’s gift to use - his only son Jesus who willingly dies on the cross so that we may have eternal life if we believe in Jesus. This is an overwhelming act of love by God. To believe in Jesus is a wonderful life changing and shaping experience. Understanding what God has done for us, through his son Jesus, helps us shape our response towards God. How do we respond to such generosity? Paul suggests we need to prayerful consider our response and to demonstrate our love for God. Giving our time is one way. Giving our money is another. Paul emphases the need to think first about God. Not to give whats left over - but to think how much should we give back to God. Then how do we live with what is left over. It is a reversal of thinking. 

Part of our thinking needs to change from how much more do i need to live the life i want to lead - to being satisfied with what we have. The American multi billionaire Douglas Fairbanks was once asked “how much is enough money” - “just a little bit more” was his reply. We need to turn our back on this culture of “more”, to a culture of “sufficient”.

Paul then goes on to talk about the a cycle of blessing and giving that many individuals and churches have subsequently experienced over the centuries. It is this - as we understand the true nature of what God has given for us and done for us in in his Son Jesus - we become generous and are blessed by God - we give more and receive more blessing. Somehow God seems to respond to our generosity.

Paul use the example of sowing seeds - if we sow generously we reap generously, if we sow sparingly we will reap sparingly.

We have seen an outflowing of generosity so that we can improve the facilities at Wadworth church. I am now asking the church community to match that generosity so that we can meet the running costs of the church. So please make sure you pick up the necessary paper work next time you are in church. Or give us a ring and the information will be sent out to you.