Monday, February 2, 2015

Mission Action Planning Update

Last year I talked about the need for the parish to have a mission action plan and described the process we would be going through. In early December the PCC passed the mission action plan and we are going to be focusing on six areas. Each area will have a team to lead it.

Church Building Team

This is  an existing team and will makes sure, as best it can, that routine maintenance is done for the churches and has also has been taking forward the facilities improvement at Wadworth Church. The addition of a toilet,  better access both inside and outside will make sure the building is welcoming and accessible to all people.

There was great hope before christmas that work in Wadworth Church would start earlier January. However the elation of having a successful grant bid combined with the joy of Christmas came to a bumpy landing in the New Year when we realised we had to get a lot more information through before the grant money was made available. The money is also not made available upfront but has to be reclaimed after the work is done. We have also had problems finalising the permission to change the pipes and radiators. By the time the magazine is printed perhaps we will have more information but we are still making progress and that is important.

Administration Central Team

Again this is an existing team that looks after a lot of the administration in the churches. We have identified the need for a welcome pack and this team will bring this idea together. If there is anything you think should be in the welcome pack then please tell me.

Welcome Team

Whilst all the congregation are responsible for making people welcome, the team will have specific responsibility for how welcoming guests or visitors to church is organised.

Messy Church

This form of church is becoming very popular around the country and for lots of young families this is their first experience of church. The format is craft activities based around the theme of the session, followed by an act of worship which brings together the crafts that have been made, followed by a time of eating together. Simple but very effective.

Activities Day for Elderly

Social isolation of the elderly is a major issue for society, so we hope to develop some activities, a time to meet, and enjoy refreshments together. Lots to discuss as we get organised so watch this space.

Balby Coffee Shop

The area around Balby Church is very busy mid week with people going to the Health Centres and Pharmacies. We have had a coffee shop mid week before via Pioneer Social Enterprises but the lack of continuity of staff meant that quality of product and services was very variable. so we will run the coffee shop ourselves for a six month trial to see if we can make it work.

As the teams get established and we set days and times for the events we will asked for more help so if any of these appeal to you then have word with me.