Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Conquest and Commemoration

Conquest has shaped all our lives whether it is through the battles between nations, political battles or our own personal battles. The destructive desires of nations to conquer others and the fight for freedom from oppression  frames the map of the world.

The desire for conquest and freedom were at the heart of the reasons behind the start of the first World War. Peoples for a long time oppressed by empires  wanting to break free from their shackles, smaller empires intent on seeking bigger empires. The result  - millions dead in a carnage of death and destruction - left a temporary peace - but also left the fault lines that resulted in World War 2. As we approach the anniversary of the start of World War 1 what do we commemorate? 

I think we need to remember the bravery and sacrifice of ordinary people, especially those who died on the battle field. So we will hold services for each of those named  on the War Memorial on the date they died. 

We also need to remember the vastness of the war and all the nations of the world that got embroiled in the conflict. So this year the Wadworth Gala and fun day will have have a theme of commemorating the start of WW1. Last year re re-created the coronation, and children from the village dressed up as various people who took part in the coronation service. This year we asking children to make and carry in a flag from one of the countries who fought in the conflict. If they want to dress up in appropriate costumes then that would be great. The Gala will start with a service in church at 10am and finish with a time of silence at the war memorial. We would encourage the the congregation to try and dress for the era. If anyone can come dressed in uniform even better. 

After the service we hope to have some film reel clips from World War 1 and also we are making an appeal  for photos taken of Wadworth or people living in Wadworth around the time of WW1. we would like to use the photos to make a display in church. All photos will of course be retuned. We  also hope to have some details about the battles the soldiers on the war memorial fought in.

The Gala will be held on Sunday 4th May.

Before the Gala, we celebrate Easter Sunday - the conquest of Jesus over death. From Palm Sunday through Holy Week we explore the easter story. The triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, his last meal with his disciples, his arrest, execution on Good Friday and then resurrection on Easter Sunday. The whole story of course is played out in a country that has been conquered by the Romans. Many of the Jews were looking to Jesus to free them from the Roman oppression. They were left disappointed. However Come and explore the story and why it is so important for everyone because through it we find out how the ultimate conquest over death occurs.