Monday, September 23, 2013


Last month I wrote a little about the work of  Water Aid.  This month I want to give you a specific example of their work.

Alakamisy is a small, rural village in central Madagascar where Noeline Marie Razanajafy, 36, lives with her husband and four children. Noeline told WaterAid “I have lived in this village for 19 years. We used to have money problems and our life was very difficult. We even had problems with education of our children. They went to school before but sometimes they had to stop because they didn’t have the necessary school things... sometimes they didn’t have food before school. Before, we would wash every 1 or 2 weeks.”

People often lost their animals because they let them go and find water. Children didn’t eat much and cut classes because they had nothing to eat before school and were afraid they may be sick. Journey to the source was difficult, very far away and on a slope. When it rained the dirt went into the water which was already yellow- looking, salty and smelly. The water bubbled and gurgled in people’s stomachs. Many people couldn’t afford to wash and the children were dirty.

WaterAid finished working in Alakamisy in 2007 and recently returned to see the enduring effects their work had on the community. In total the project has benefited 886 people and the transformation in that time has been incredible.

Noeline said “Before we couldn’t have gardens with vegetables, mangoes, maize but now we can grow what we want to because we have water. We eat a part of them and sell the rest. It’s now income for the family. We go to Betaph market to sell the vegetables. We use the money for food and the other part for breeding pigs, cows, hens, chickens.
Children get healthier because the water is clean. Food has improved as well. Once the tap-stands were built they held a meeting for everyone and gave us training. It was about management of water.”

It’s incredible that something as simple as clean water could bring about such a transformation in all these different ways. With your support WaterAid can reach out to other villages like Alakamisy.

So this Harvest, there are special envelopes for donation to Water Aid, and if you like instead of bring produce for Harvest sunday, perhaps you could use one of the special envelopes to make a special donation to the work of Water Aid.  As and example of what your money can buy:

£260 - could provide two tapstands - meaning that women don't have to waste long hours fetching dirty water that may make their children sick.
£580 - could pay to train three committees to fix and replace parts on their community water point, to ensure the clean water continues to flow.
£1,000 - could pay to install a handpump, which would give everyone in a community quick and easy access to safe water throughout the year.

So please help support communities like those in Madagascar this harvest and plants seeds of hope for the future.