Saturday, July 27, 2013

Gas pipes and other matters

Wadworth has been visited by several groups of people in the last few months. First and with the longest presence have been the Gas supply workmen who have brought chaos and upheaval to many streets in Wadworth village. Of course the work they do - making sure the gas supply is free from leaks by putting new supply pipes within existing supply pipes is vital work. We all take our Gas supply for granted and would complain if we were without the Gas supply. So the chaos caused by the necessary maintenance has been worthwhile for the security of the long term supply of Gas.

The second visitors to the village have been Jehovahs Witnesses and more recently, people tell me we have also had pairs of Mormons knocking on villagers doors. Sometimes it can be easy to forget that both these religious groups are not part of the Christian church and belonging to either of them  is not compatible with being a Christian. Just as it is vital to our gas supply to have pipes that do not leak, it is vital to maintain our Christian faith that we do not allow leaks in what we believe. Just as the pipes that deliver our Gas need to be air tight, so also we need an air tight believe in the Christian faith.

Now I can hear many of you asking  - but what about all the different Christian denominations - what about the differences between the Methodists and Baptists, the Pentecostals and Anglicans; Salvation Army and Roman Catholics to name but a few. Well yes there are differences between different Christian churches but the differences are in the outworking of a faith that is very similar in its belief. There is a statement of what it means to be a Christian that goes back to the fourth century and it is one that all Christian churches will agree upon. It is called the Nicene Creed. More importantly it is a statement of faith that both Mormon and Jehovah witnesses do not  believe is true. 

The Nicene Creed was written by a large group of Bishops in AD 325 who came together and agreed on a statement of faith and it has stood the test of time. The creed is based on what had been taught by Jesus and his followers and passed down in documents as we know today as the New Testament. We may at times question what it says, debate some of its relevance to the 21st century, but ultimately as christians we come back to believing what the Nicene Creed states.

The Nicene Creed asserts that Jesus is divine, Jehovah witnesses say Jesus is not; the Nicene creed says there is one God, Mormons say there are three gods with one purpose. These differences are not new even though both Mormons and Jehovahs witness trace their origins to America in the 19th century. Ideas that Jesus was not divine and that there was more than one God were around at the time the Nicene creed but they were dismissed. They were not just dismissed out of hand but were the subjected of heated debate by the best thinkers for their age. 

Now you may want to know more about the Nicene Creed and what it says, you may want to explore some of the issues I have raised in more detail. If you are a Christian, this is all part of maintaining your pipes of faith. If you are exploring the Christian faith then you will be establishing your pipes of faith for the first time. Either way the Church is willing and able to help. Joining one of our mid week groups, where there is time to asks questions is a great place to start. Of course coming to a church service on a Sunday is always a good idea - I would say that - I’m the Vicar! If you want to join one our groups then ring me, email me or even write to me. 

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kneelers from St Katherines Loversall

94544Bridal Kneeler - Mrs. M. Sims 19682619
This project was started in the Autumn of 1973 by Gladys E. Thompson (nee Walker) who called a meeting to those interested in working a canvas kneeler. It was her wish to finance this project to make 40 kneelers to mark the 40th anniversary of her residance in the parish and attendance at St. Katherine's Church, Loversall.
The original fabric kneelers were very worn and leaking straw everywhere. It was decided that trestles would be made for all kneelers to rest on and Mr. E. Simms & Mr. J. Moffatt kindly made these.
Mrs. M Simms gave much advice and help with the variety of stitches used in the original designs, and helped in incorporating parts of the designs in the Coats Book Of Church Kneelers.
The 40 Kneelers were all completed and dedicated in September 1977.

A book was produced in the 1980s with the following forward

I first visited St. Katherine’s Church in 1981, soon after our arrival in the area and my
impression was that it was loved and well-cared for, despite major structural problems.
Undoubtedly the most striking feature of the interior was the array of individually designed
and meticulously worked canvas-tapestry kneelers and I was soon introduced to Gladys
Thompson who had been the inspiration behind the whole project.

A diminutive figure, Gladys exhibited a steely determination to complete whatever she
began. With a keen eye and nimble fingers, like the wife of noble character in Proverbs 31
“she selected wool and flax and worked with eager hands”.

In Act Chapter 9 we read how that when Dorcas dies, her friends and family showed
Simon Peter the garments and wares that she had lovingly made, evoking treasured

These kneelers are an heirloom for our future children to appreciate; each one tells a story
of co-operation and sharing skills. Dark winter evenings spent by the fire and the
deepening friendships as the task was completed, joyfully giving the glory to God
Gladys died in June 1984, the fortieth anniversary of “D. Day”. As members of the
Christian family, we thank God for her life and example to us all.

“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus”.

Rosalind J Redden

We thought the Kneelers should be digitised to be preserved and these post are the product of work the took place in 2012-13

Revd Alun Price, Robert Price and Graeme Anderton


Yorkshire Rose on Green - Mrs M GillLet us with a Glandsome Mind - Mrs A ChampionRed and Fawn Design - Mrs M Gill & Mr RA ThompsonRed and Fawn Geometric Design - Mrs KM Moffatt

Miscellaneous, a set on Flickr.

Kneelers at St Katherines

Kneelers from St Katherines Loversall

94544Bridal Kneeler - Mrs. M. Sims 19682619

Christian Festivals and Symbols

Calvary - Mr RA ThompsonGold Cross, Chalice & Tongues of Fire on red & pink background - Mrs. K. M. MoffattGold Star on Blue Background - Miss F BaconGold Cross on Green Background - Mr RA ThompsonGold Cross on Red/Grey Background - Mr RA Thompson
Gold Cross Blue Background - Mr & Mrs A StephensonRed Cross on Pink/Red Background - Mrs GE ThompsonMauve Cross on multicoloured background - Mrs. D. M. ThompsonBlue Cross Gold Crown - Miss M Wilson2 Blue Crosses on Blue/Grey Background - Mrs E VirgoGold Trinity on Green Background - Mrs G Abrams & Mrs F Bacon
Tongues of Fire - Mr A Stephenson

Set of Kneelers at ST Katherine Loversall

Wild Flowers and Trees

Chestnut Buds and Conkers  - Mr RA ThompsonWild RosesPrimroses and Violets - Mrs GE ThompsonBluebells and Cowslips Mrs GE ThompsonButtercups and DaisiesSnowdrops and Aconites

Wild Flowers and Trees, a set on Flickr.

Set of Kneelers at St Katherines Loversall

Biblical Stories and Plants

Three Kings - Mrs A ChampionMiraculous Draught of Fishes - Mrs A ChampionThe Shepherds - Mr RA ThompsonLilies of the Field - Miss ME ThompsonSpikenard - Mrs M AngusFrankincense Mrs M Jackson
Myrrh  Mrs GE ThompsonFlax - Mrs A ChampionGall - Mrs ME Joynes

Biblical Stories and Plants, a set on Flickr.

Kneelers found in St Katherine Loversall