Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coronation Re-enactment

Last years celebration of the diamond jubilee was a great community event throughout the country. This was no less so in Wadworth where the village came together in celebration. To build on the community spirt so evident last year, you may well have heard a Wadworth Gala will happen on Sunday 2nd June. This date was chosen as it the actual 60th anniversary of the coronation service of Queen Elizabeth II. Part of the churches contribution to the celebration will be a special service starting at 10am where we will have a re-run of the coronation service itself in Wadworth church using local children to play some of the key parts. Bishop Peter, the Bishop of Doncaster is coming to take the role of archbishop of Canterbury, and yours truly will be the dean of Westminster.   

After the service there will be a display in church to explain the different elements of the coronation and their symbolic meaning. There will also be a display of old photos of Doncaster. 

On the cricket field itself there will be a wide range of activities (please see the advert in the magazine).

Community is an essential part of being a Christian. At the last supper, Jesus assumed his followers would come together to break bread in remembrance of him. He did not assume they would break bread on their own. Of course coming together does not have to be on Sunday nor does it have to be in Church but solitude should not be a mainstream activity for Christians. It is true that some choose a live of solitude to devoted themselves to constant prayer and this can be very valuable. Some, of course cannot come to anything because of illness or disability. In those circumstances it is the role of the community to go to those who cannot come together to share.

Sounds easy doesn't it but we all know how difficult this “community thing” can when the busyness of our lives keep us away from the calmness of community. There has been lots of work done by sociologists on the lost art  of Communities and the church has drawn on much of that research and their own, in producing a new course called Everybody Welcome. The course runs for 4 evenings and we will be running the course several times over the next few months to enable as many people as possible to come on the course.  If there is enough people we could also run all 4 sessions on one saturday. It is the comments and ideas of those who come on the course that are as important as what you will learn. The idea of the course is to make church as easy as possible for all to come to and to keep coming to church. The course looks at how we interact with the community round us, what do we do that is good and what do we do that could be better. What are your views? The first group has started the course, would you like to part of the second group?  Either phone, email or sign up in church. Tell me days, dates and times that are convenient for you, as we want as many people as possible to take part.