Thursday, August 30, 2012

Creationtide 2012

You may remember I wrote about church finances in a recent months and as a follow up to this, and to make sure we are doing everything we possibly can be doing, we begin September with  a guest  preacher, Nick Hutton, who is coming to talk about christian giving. Nick has already been to speak to the Church council and is now following this up by speaking to the morning congregation. During October will we be following this up further with a specific series of sundays preaching about giving and finishing with a pledge sunday. More details of this next month.

We have a second guest during September, Bishop Steven, the Bishop of Sheffield is visiting on the 30th September. It has been a long time since a Diocesan bishop has visited the parish, probably about 8 years, so please come and support. If you haven’t been to church for awhile this would be a great reason to come back and see us.

From the second sunday in September for five sundays we then start a new season in church, called Creationtide. Some churches have been doing this now for 5 years and this year there will be a focus on sustainable energy.

Energy is a gift from God as part of his creation but one we hardly notice... until there’s a power cut!  But one in five people in the world has no access to electricity and misses out on tools, communication and so many opportunities we take for granted. Two in five rely on burning anything from wood to animal excrement for cooking and heating, and the smoke and gas from this damage both environment and health: two million people a year are estimated to die as a result.

The United Nations has made 2012 the Year of Sustainable Energy for All, with a target of giving the whole world reliable and clean energy by 2030. But this is not just a subject for the developing world.  Here we need to make radical changes to move away from electricity generated by climate-change causing and increasingly expensive fossil fuels to renewable options, together with greater efficiency and lower consumption. These alternatives are proving controversial and we still have some issues to resolve, but we are running out of time to achieve the targets that scientists are saying are needed.

This may seem like something we can leave to the experts but, as Christians, we have twin responsibilities both to care for the poor and to care for the planet. So we need to be aware of the issues and know what we can do as individuals and as churches to take action. This is why Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) is making Sustainable Energy its theme for the 2012 Creation Time season, and we hope you will make use of the materials in churches, home groups and as individuals.

We finish Creationtide with Harvest Sunday on the first sunday in October and i can give you advanced warning that this years Sing-along-a-Harvest will be on Friday 5th October in Wadworth Community Center. 

Hope to see you.


Wednesday, August 29, 2012