Saturday, January 7, 2012

Advent Reflections with a difference: The story of a poorly Vicar!

On Sunday 4th December Jane and I were sat relaxing after tea, eating chocs when I started getting a mighty pain in my right year. Sleep was erratic but OK.

On Monday morning I was well enough to go exploring Retford with Jane, but a planned Shoe shopping expedition for me was cancelled (not my favourite job when I am in tip top condition and if you saw my feet you would know why!). I slept on the sofa and even went to a church meeting at Warmsworth in the evening.

I slept well and went to Amy’s school on Tuesday morning to see their production of Alladin. During the panto I got some discharge from my ear (all together now EGHHH). Jane arranged a docs appointment, he thought I had a boil in my ear, give me drops and antibiotics and I went home. Did some paper work, even took on the Tax returns. Then around 7pm I started feeling really unwell, got a shocking headache went to bed. Had a shocking night sleep.

I briefly got dressed on Wednesday but was soon back in bed. Jane called the GP in the afternoon when I  was screaming in pain and had a temperature. The GP arranged for me to go the Ear, Nose and Throat ward for them to assess me.

I was admitted and to be truthfully I don’t remember a great deal until Saturday when my pain was got under control. I was sick a lot! I was also very aware of the prayer that was going on for me and the family. I cannot put into words the spiritual comfort I received. Somehow I could feel the prayer. This also shows the power of the prayer chain as I believe people in New Zealand were praying for us.

The Doctors were fairly mystified as to what was going on with me but on Saturday some results came back which showed I had a blood infection (septicaemia) and I was started on antibiotics straight into my blood stream. This did at least start to get my temperature down from 39+ it had been running at.

On Monday I was taken down to clinic to see  the Consultant Mr Dugar, who with the aid of a very fancy ear microscope cleaned up my ear and without hesitation said I had “Bullous Myringitis”. He explained the details and the features on my ear drum with great care to the Senior Registrar who was with him as she had not seen it before. He said it was only the fourth time he had seen it in 10 years but is usually caused by a virus so the source of my blood infection was still unknown.

The next day Mr Duggar came bounding up to my bed looking very pleased with himself. He told me that he had done some further reading and found that “Bullous Myringitis” can be caused by a bacteria and he was now happy that this is the source of my blood infection. He also said the intense pain I had was because the blisters I had were on my ear drum and this causes a disproportionate level of pain. I should expect the pain to require painkillers for many weeks.

I continued on the antibiotics and was sent home on Saturday 17th December having spent 11 days in Hospital.

I am slowly recovering but must be careful not to do too much

I did manage to do some services over Christmas but a huge thanks to everyone who helped keep “everything” going at a very busy time of the year.

I very big thank you to all who offered support to Jane and the family.

My licensing service at Balby obviously had to be re-arranged and indeed this happened on Wednesday at Balby church. I meant to announce the new date at the Christmas service but only remembered on the Christmas morning service. Many thanks to those who were able to come along. Sorry to those who did not know about the service.

So I start as planned in Balby Parish on New years Day and I believe this is going to be an exciting year for both parishes.