Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September Musings

Summer holidays are over and minds inexorably start to think about Christmas! I guess Tescos and the other supermarkets will soon have lots of Christmas stuff to sell. But hang on minute or several, there is 4 months to go before Christmas, at church we have many an event before we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus. So what’s occurring…….

Well September is a month packed with goodies and we start on Sunday 5th September with a morning service (9:30 Wadworth) focusing on the World Church and in particular to those Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith, while this sounds like a dry subject, come along and hear some of the brave stories of faith from around the world. Afterwards please join us as we write letters to those imprisoned for their faith in Jesus.

In the afternoon at 3 PM (Loversall), we have our monthly All Age Sunday School when we continue our series of “Who were they?” by looking at who was Joseph? Come along, shake a tambourine, bang a drum, learn who Joseph was, and even have a drink and biscuit afterwards.

On Thursday 9th September we start 4 days of when the church is open as part of a national initiative called “Heritage Open days”. We have 2 fascinating churches in the parish, come and look at the history in your midst.

Both services On Sunday 12th will focus on our Christian heritage, at 3 PM (Loversall) we have a very traditional service with a sung Evensong and Communion. The ladies who sing at Weddings have been practising so we will be admirably led vocally with Ted Wetton playing on the organ. At this service we will also celebrate St Katherine, some of you will realise this is a bit early but I thought it would make a splendid occasion.

A new house group will start on Tuesday 21st September 7.30pm at the Vicarage. We will be following a course about “What’s so Amazing About Grace” All are welcome to join. Details from Jane or Alun.

We finish September on the Sunday 26th with the 9:30 service (Wadworth) devoted to “Back to Church Sunday”. What’s all this about you may ask? Well for various reasons some people stop coming to church, this Sunday is focused at particularly on those people who want the opportunity to return.

In the parable of the Prodigal Son, it takes the son a long time before the son realises he would be better off with his family. Some times it takes awhile for us to realise we have Prodigal Hearts and really want to return to worshiping God but that journey back, even if it is just up the road or up the hill, can be difficult

If you have a Prodigal Heart, one that yearns to find out there is more to life, one that recognises there a God but does not know how to respond,, this could be your moment, follow the urges of your Prodigal Heart, come to church, come to worship God, we will help you, God will help you.

The service will be very user friendly, so if you have stopped coming then please come along. If you know someone who has stopped coming then bring them along with you. We want you back! Let your Prodigal Hearts guide you.