Monday, March 29, 2010

Give a Penny to Spend a Penny Appeal Launched

1000 miles in 13 days

From 1st May to 13th May, Church Warden and keen cyclist, Duncan MacKenzie, is going to cycle from Land's End to John O'Groats to raise money for Wadworth Church!

Duncan says
"We had one pinnacle blown down onto the roof and there are other restoration works needed now. Not only that but we would like to put in a toilet and give better access to the church for all. This costs money. How about sponsoring me a penny a mile?"

You can give by going to

Monday, March 22, 2010

Mothers’ Union News!

Mothers’ Union meet the second Thursday of every month at 7.15pm. From April the 8th meetings will take place in the Parish Room at St John’s church Wadworth. The meeting is a way of keeping up to date with various activities, both in this parish, and further afield. There is usually a speaker…the topics being varied and interesting. Please contact Miriam Taylor 01302 854291 if you would like more details.

Starting in may the Mothers’ Union will be holding an informal “Coffee & Chat” for pre school children and their parents or carers…The meetings will be held in the community centre at Wadworth, between 9am and 11am The first one will be on Wednesday May 26th and then monthly on the last Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Y ?

We are well into Lent now and many of you will have, as is tradition, given something up for Lent. However, Lent is also a time for reflection and questions. Life can often seem beyond belief sometimes, doesn't it? Totally outside our control or ability to understand. So we keep our heads down and keep moving. So much so that many struggle with any concept of a God who can be really known.

But supposing - just supposing - there is a bigger picture. One that made sense of all we think we know already. One that could help us fulfil our deepest longings. Could there be more outside the frame, a bigger picture you've never seen? Is it possible the 'God' who many call on when things go wrong might really exist? And could this even be the key to making sense of everything else? Now many have a deep faith and a personal relationship with God, but many do not. Even the faithful have questions, in fact a questioning faith is a strong faith in my view.

During Lent we are running a course which helps reflection on life’s bigger questions. It is calls the Y Course, and it runs for eight weeks tackling the questions that really seem to occur again and again

Is there more to life than this?
If there's a God what could he be like?
If Jesus was so good why was he executed?
What happens when we die?
Can anyone really know what God is like?
Why so many religions and so much suffering?

A shape like the letter Y was used centuries ago to symbolise God. And The Y Course recognises that life's great issues cannot be addressed on a human level alone. The Y course carefully, but with great insight and often humour, takes the reader on a journey of discovery of the clues that reveal that there is definitely more to life than this!

Come along, be yourself there'll be no embarrassment through being asked to do anything strange or religious. It should be a stimulating experience. Enjoy a thought-provoking talk on a big issue – followed by a lively discussion in a small group. Everyone is free to participate in the discussion or if they prefer simply to listen. Each participant is free to express their opinions, doubts or questions ; we do insist that everyone questions and views must be treated with respect and try to ensure that no one hogs the discussion!

The first session is Tuesday 2nd March at the Vicarage, so come along!